A Design Classic

The Adidas Samba I’ve been meaning to buy some new trainers for quite some time, I got these  Adidas Sambas a few months back and I love them!  The plan was just to wear  them to play five-a-side footy but in the absence of any other decent trainers in my  life i tend to wear them most of the time.
I keep looking for some old skool classics but I cant face paying over £50 for what  should be a old classic, The main problem is I remember when you could get a pair of suede Gazelles for £30…   Everytime I go into Oxford I have a look for some ‘proper’ trainers only to be greeted with a swarm of pilmsols.   kids eh!


One Response to “A Design Classic”

  1. melanielovesalligators Says:

    Nice shot!

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