Smoking. Its a personal choice and people who choose to smoke are well aware of the dangers.  Its not my bag but I dont judge those whose bag it is…  its your call.  Here are a few statistics about smoking:

  • Smoking is a primary cause of lung cancer.
  • Around 40,800 people were diagnosed with lung cancer in the UK in 2008.
  • Around 35,260 people in the UK died from lung cancer in 2008.
  • In 1974 45% of adult smoked cigarrettes.  in 2009 that figure has declined to 21%.
  • Treating smokers costs the NHS £2.7bn a year compared with 1.7bn 10 years ago.  (Its argued smokers pay £9bn a year in tax in the UK.)
  • 95.3% of all statistics are made up. (but only this one out of the last 5 of the above is.)

As I said its not for me to tell anyone how to lead their life – I like the odd drink or two and im sure some similar stats could be produces for those.  Dont worry or ill produce a set of stats for stress!


3 Responses to “Smoking.”

  1. lovely bokeh =)

  2. Great shot, loved the DoF!

  3. even i dont smoke… but i do love watching it!

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