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David Dallas – Feel Like Oasis ft. Tayyib Ali & The Kid Daytona

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Check this out – outstanding work!


Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro

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Hailing from the outskirts of Tokyo, a sextet by the name of “Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro” are fast becoming a major force on the Jazz/Funk scene. Here’s a video for “The Preacher” a more recent release on “Back Fire Records” but be sure to check out their two albums also, the first is self-titled from 2008 and the second “Uhuru Peak” hit the shelves in 2010, you won’t be disappointed I promise….. by Hotshot75

Mayer Hawthorne – The Walk

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So I’m sure when you heard the soulful Motown sound of Mayer Hawthorne‘s new single, “The Walk,” you pictured an all out Mr. and Mrs. Smith style spousal gun battle in your head (yeah, me too). Well, director Matt Weisz brings your imagined scene to life with this new video for “The Walk.” How Do You Do dropped October 11th.

The Bamboos – King of the Rodeo

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Megan Washington – You might know her from the ‘Tru Thoughts’ label, she has done work with the Bamboos – As above! and Lanu in the past.  This morning I heard her name mentioned on 6 music – it appears she is making efforts to break the UK and the US at least thats what it said on her Vimeo of her new Single ‘Holy Moses’

Im not so keen on the new stuff video what with all the X-factor style dancers.. but here it is.  Make your own mind up!  Vimeo would’nt let me post the video on here but heres the Link

Trolle//Siebenhaar – Couple Therapy

Posted in Music Video on 13/10/2011 by Reckless Times

Trolle//Siebenhaar straight out of Denmark that consists of two people. Ane Trolle pens the lyrics and delivers super-sultry vocals. Pato Siebenhaar serves up the hooks and beats. Both do so in perfect fashion and the blend is something to be heard.  This is good!

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